Released by Plex Records

Contains 5 tracks.

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Here is what Plex said about it:

Experimental but grooving stuff inside! Samonoka is the last side project of Akan and OmasFGT.

This clever partnership was so obvious that it should had come sooner. Funkiness flavored and fine beat/bass programming skills of Akan metling with big sceneries OmasFGT could only give a nice result.

Sivajih is maybe the better example of this successful assembly. Loud groove embellished with many fx sounds.

Then come Malakai Massively tainted by UK dubstep movement its a rocking piece of intoxicating breakbeat work.

Finally we have Taeb, a weird travel with many surprises for your listening pleasure.


Frequency Modulation Remixed

Released by Telescope

Contains 6 tracks.

Not simple or easy remixes but wonderful new versions.

A great demonstration of .at/on granular synthesis skills 😉

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First: .at/on has just finished a remix EP of Frequency Modulation. Outstanding granular synthesis experimentations. It should be released very soon by Telescope.

Then: Akan and I are finishing a new common project… This will be Plex next release.

Finally: I’m working on a few new tracks. No idea of what they will become. Some previews will follow on crappy myspace…

Martin Heinrich

Released by Test Tube.

Contains 5 tracks.

Collection of infectious grooves. EP is named after the famous German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth, who has discovered uranium in late XVIII century.

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Here is what Test Tube said about it:

Omas FGT is one of the heads behind french label Plex Records. Omas has released once on his own house (plx001), plus a couple of loose tracks and remixes on compilations throughout Plex’s catalogue. Two years later and he has three other releases: ‘Frequency Modulation’, a five tracker on Telescope – built using only frequency modulation synthesis, and ‘Silver Bullet’ parts I and II on switzerland’s Psycle records as a collaborative project between the two labels. Both released this year. I hear that ‘Silver Bullet’ has been highly acclaimed by electronic music fans.
‘Martin Heinrich’, named after the famous German chemist and professor, is no different from the usual Omas FGT style: Dark, echoing and rough on the edges IDM beats with a slight sense of melody and over-synthesised sound sources. This is a five tracker and spreads around 24 minutes with various edgy moods, some into beat deviations and others into more ambient surroundings, all to be filed under experimental. Enjoy! – Pedro Leitão


V/A released by Telescope.

Contains “Interlude” remixed by Vitalis Popoff.

Amazing remix of Interlude (first released in Frequency Modulation EP) by the very talented Vitalis Popoff.

Download Interlude remix.
Download complete release.

Various 10 Jahre Kreislauf

V/A released by Kreislauf.

Contains “RCH” featuring Patrice Valota.

Sad and frightening descent into sickness hell or why illness can change your entire life.

Download RCH.
Download complete release.

First Psycle Records release !


Released by Psycle Records.

Available on Beatport.

Contains 3 tracks.

1 – Omas FGT – Silver Bullet
2 – Omas FGT – Family Affairs
3 – Omas FGT – Silver Bullet Akan Remix

Here is what Psycle. said about it:

“Psycle 001 is the first result of a spontaneous collaboration between
the two netlabels Psycle (Zurich, CH) and Plex (Paris, F). The first part of the SILVER BULLET EP. features with “Silver Bullet” and “Family Affairs” two tracks by Omas FGT and a remix by Akan.

Omas FGT is a french producer related with Plex Records, focused on experimental genres of electronic music with a special emphasize on the sound synthesis exploration. Like that “Silver Bullet” and “Family Affairs” are two impressive snapshots from his research work. Both tracks are ernergetic experimental compositions, who grab the
listeners attention with a trippy bulit-up and powerful, razorblade-sharp sounds.

On the remix Akan (co-founder of Plex) delivers a very cool interpretation of “Silver Bullet”, with a massive dancefloor appeal.
Defenetly psycool music! .”

After 9 months of hard waiting this EP is finally available !


Released by Telescope.

Contains 5 tracks.

Only Frequency Modulation synthesis has been used to make the whole EP.
Note the special featuring of AGF on the track named “Frequency Modulation”.

Download complete release.

Here is what Telescope said about it:

We would like to present You a new Telescope’s release: [tsc006] Frequency Modulation from astonishing Omas FGT. Help Yourselves to download and enjoy the fresh experimental tunes straight from France.

Omas FGT is a french producer related with Plex Records, focused on experimental genres of electronic music with a special emphasize on the sound synthesis exploration. The Omas’ inspirations include not only music of the very various styles but also the sound environment itself begun during the two years stay in Saudi Arabia.

Robotopera’s death has led me to prospect netlabels to release this cursed EP. A netlabel seems interested… Actually waiting for their return and planning.

Update: they like it and will release it in a few months!



At least I have done a quick myspace page. Don’t really like the interface and the crappy blog style but today it is a must have and fortunately it is really nice to travel through profiles.

If you want to loose some of your time: